Liponema R. Hertwig 1882 p. 120

Actiniidae with well developed pedal disc. Column low, smooth, without any sort of projections. Sphincter diffuse, rarely with a tendency to be circumscribed. Tentacles short, extraordinarily numerous, very close set, but arranged in cycles; occupying almost the whole oral disc and each provided with an endodermal sphincter at its base by the contraction of which it may be thrown off. Longitudinal muscles of tentacles ectodermal. Siphonoglyphs well developed. Perfect pairs of mesenteries numerous. 2 pairs of directives. Retractors diffuse. Distribution of the gonads unknown. Mesenteries more numerous distally than proximally. Cnidom: spirocysts, basitrichs, microbasic p-mastigophors.


L. multipora Hertwig 1882

Bolocera multicornis Verrill 1879

L. brevicirrata Carlgren 1928

Bolocera brevicornis Mc Murrich [sic] 1893

Definitions and contained taxa are those of Oscar Carlgren as published in 1949 : Kungl Svenska Vetenskapsakadamiens Handlingar, Series 4, Volume 1, Number 1

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